4 Simple Zero-Waste Travel Swaps

Article published at: Apr 17, 2024 Article author: Durbl -Mila
4 Simple Zero-Waste Travel Swaps
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Yes, you heard right—Durbl silicone bags are not just for the kitchen. Our reusable products can also lighten your load on the road, helping you optimize luggage organization, breeze through security checks, and cut down on single-use products.

No matter where your destination is, substituting single-use items with Durbl silicone bags makes your travel more eco-friendly. Here are some practical suggestions:

Eco-Friendly Mobile and Electronics Protective Cases
The Best Travel Protection for Electronics

Stop wrapping your phones and chargers in disposable plastic bags! At the beach, pool, or any travel destination, choose Durbl silicone bags to ensure their safety.

These silicone bags keep your devices organized and protect them from unexpected splashes or sand; the transparent silicone material allows you to use the devices without having to remove them from the bag.

Durable Snack Storage Solutions
Reusable Travel Snack Bags

Whether heading out on a hike or an urban adventure, Durbl's snack bags or sandwich bags are the perfect choice for carrying healthy snacks.

Make your mix of nuts and dried fruits, or head to the local bulk food section and fill up your Durbl bag with treats. When empty, fold it up for easy carrying.

Many cafes are also happy to fill your Durbl bag with food, and if needed, larger Durbl collapsible containers and bags can hold even more food or leftovers from restaurants.

TSA-Friendly Liquid Packaging Bags
Reusable Liquid Bags for Travel

Replace those fragile disposable plastic bags with Durbl's silicone bags, and you won't have to worry about shampoo or liquid soap leaking into your carry-on luggage ever again. 

These bags have excellent sealing capabilities, are entirely transparent, and meet TSA standards. Choose from various sizes, such as quart or half-gallon bags, to suit different storage needs.

Travel Dry Bags
Reusable Garment Storage Bags

Are you tired of stuffing wet swimsuits or towels into plastic shopping bags, hoping they won't make everything else in your suitcase damp and musty? Use Durbl's extra-large standing bags to pack your wet garments, and you can even bring along some extra clean, dry clothes. This not only prevents moisture but also ensures that your luggage stays neat.

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