About Durbl

We know single-use plastics are used almost everywhere, and we know that you’d like to use less of them. But to replace the single-use plastics in your life, you need sustainable substitutes that make sense.

At Durbl, we create functional, climate-friendly products that help you eliminate single-use plastics.

Starting with storage bags.

The average person uses 540 single-use plastic bags per year (yikes). Not only are these bags polluting the earth, but they’re polluting your body. Many single-use storage “solutions” contain chemicals that can cause cancer or disrupt your hormones. That’s a risk you should never have to take just to store leftovers—day-old pizza isn’t that good.

On the other hand, sustainable storage options have never been ideal. Glass storage doesn’t stack easily nor is it safe for kiddos. PEVA bags are a good option, but they can’t stand up to heat.

We created Durbl bags from a single piece of 100% food-grade silicone. No chemicals, no glues, no adhesives.

You can use them to sous vide, store toiletries, throw them in the microwave, and toss them in the dishwasher when you’re done. They’re tough enough to take on heat and water and stand on their own or stack in your drawer. And because they’re dishwasher safe, they can do much more for you than a standard storage solution can (who says a makeup bag can’t turn around and store frozen strawberries?)

In short: it’s thoughtful, climate-friendly, and smarter (just like you).

Founder of Durbl Tommy wearing a long-sleeve durbl shirt while talking on the phone at the beach.

Founder of Durbl

For Tommy, our founder, a life of climate sustainability began with self-care. In 2018, Tommy’s father was diagnosed with heart disease. This inspired Tommy to begin exploring ways to take care of himself. He focused on what in his life was truly sustainable. Was his social media use sustainable? His work? His diet? This questioning led him to think about just how sustainable his habits were for the earth. After all, what good is a healthy life if we have no planet? 

Tommy began to educate himself on ways he could reduce, lower, and diminish his carbon footprint. This education coupled with the values his father had instilled in him—hardwork, unwavering commitment to success, and focus on others—inspired him to launch a brand of simple and sustainable products that could help people make small lifestyle changes with massive impact. 

Durbl was born and our mission began: enabling people to make health conscious decisions not only for themselves, but for the earth, too.