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Durbl bags were designed to be used again and again. They’re the only reusable storage bags made with a single piece of 100% food-grade platinum silicone -- no glues or chemicals are used to keep them together.
The Durbl bag is dishwasher friendly. You can always use warm soapy water to wash your bag. If any debris build-up, scrub away gently with a brush. Let your bag air dry on a cup/mug/rack.
Good question! No, to ensure your bag truly remains DURABLE, we strongly advise against turning your bag inside out.
Discoloring from foods being stored in your bag are totally normal. We have a quick and easy fix for you! All you need to do is let your bag sit out in the sun for a few hours. The process of sun bleaching should eliminate all stains.
Smells from certain foods are totally normal. Let your Durbl soak in a 50/50 water & vinegar mixture. Rinse with warm soapy water. See yah later smell!
We love our drying rack to keep our bags organized when air drying. We found a cheap one Amazon for $10. It's a bamboo rack intended for lid organization. 
Here's a message from our Founder Tommy answering this question!  Let me introduct myself, my name is Tommy and I’m the founder & CEO of Durbl.

We’re a US based company located in Springfield, New Jersey on a mission to eliminate ONE BILLION plastic baggies from harming the environment.

This is a great and important question.

No, we are not a foreign firm looking to make a quick dollar selling a product online. We’re here to inspire others to make health conscious decisions not only for themselves, but for the earth too.

The durbl bags are manufactured responsibly in China. The team that manufacturers our bags has been vetted and are experts when it comes to responsibly producing silicone-based products. There are no glues or chemicals in our products. The durbl bag is constructed from a single-piece of platinum food-grade silicone.

I personally inspect each bag before it goes out for its quality and the mantra we go by is if we wouldn’t use them ourselves then we don’t sell them.

Hope this answers your question!
Currently, you can only purchase on our website and through Amazon. If you're interested in selling the durbl send us a note at customercare@durbl.com
You bet you can! The durbl bag is temperature resilient up to 400 F ° (also oven-safe) and water boils around 212 F °. 
Nothing! One of our favorite uses for our durbl is using it as a place to store extra ice. The durbl can withstand temperatures as cold as -40 F °. 
Yes, this is one of the most popular uses to sustainably bring your toiletries on your next.
As long as the top of the bag has been sealed properly, we are extremely confident in our bags being leakproof.