Back-to-School Lunch Solutions: Packing Smart for a Healthy Start!

Article published at: Jul 4, 2024 Article author: Durbl-Megan
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As the summer break winds down, it's almost time for the school bells to ring again. With all the chaos of preparing for the new school year, worrying about what to pack for your child's lunch should be the least of your concerns. That's why we've put together some handy tips, tricks, and ideas to ensure your back-to-school preparation is as smooth as possible. From nutritious snacks to engaging your children in lunch-making, we have everything you need to set them up for success!

Essential Supplies for School Lunches
Boost your lunch packing game with our comprehensive selection of containers, boxes, and accessories designed to simplify your life and appeal to any appetite:
Lunch Containers
Our Perfect Portion containers are designed to make lunch packing a breeze, ensuring your child gets the right amount of everything.
Stylish Lunch Bags
Join us on our eco-friendly mission with our range of trendy, functional lunch bags that make carrying meals calm.
Eco-Friendly Drink Options
Say goodbye to disposable bottles and straws with our durable, attractive drinkware that teaches kids the value of sustainability.
Leak-Proof Pot Sets
Keep foods fresh and mess-free with our leak-proof pots. They're perfect for keeping wet and dry foods separate until it's time to eat.

Here are a few quick and easy vegan recipes that are perfect for school lunches:

Apple Cinnamon Delight Crisps
An all-time favorite, these apple crisps are simple to prepare and a healthier alternative to store-bought snacks.
● Four apples
● 1 tbsp cinnamon
● 2 tbsp coconut sugar
1. Preheat your oven to 95 degrees Celsius.
2. Thinly slice the apples and arrange them on a lined baking sheet without overlapping.
3. Mix the cinnamon and sugar, then sprinkle over the slices.
4. Bake for 2 hours until crisp.
Cool and store in an airtight container.

Vegan 'Tuna' Chickpea Sandwich
A plant-based take on the classic tuna sandwich, filled with flavors and perfect for on-the-go eating.
● One can of chickpeas, drained
● 1/4 cup vegan mayo
● 2 tbsp chopped red onion
● 2 tbsp chopped dill
● 1/4 cup chopped pickles
● Juice of half a lemon
● 1/2 tsp sea salt
● 1/2 tsp pepper
Instructions: Combine all ingredients in a food processor and pulse to the desired consistency. Serve on whole-grain bread with fresh greens.

Snack Ideas to Round Out the Day:
● Trail mix
● Fresh fruits
● Vegetable sticks
● Nut-free granola bars
● Yogurt or fruit parfaits

These tips and recipes are designed to make your back-to-school transition seamless and stress-free, ensuring your kids are energized and ready to learn. Enjoy crafting these healthy, fun lunches that your kids will love!

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