Durbl Reusable Container Collection is Coming...

Article published at: Dec 7, 2023 Article author: ZhengEnchen
Durbl Reusable Container Collection is Coming...
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Now that the Container collection has joined the family, the complete range of Durbls offers plastic-free, reusable solutions for many storage needs. But hey, we're not hitting the brakes just yet— we assure you that an even more extensive and multifunctional Durbls collection is on the horizon— but let's take a moment to delve into the current lineup!

So, what sets the Durbl Container Collection apart from the rest?


Recognizing the importance of quality, we've always upheld the principles of durability
and sustainability, echoing the essence of our brand, Durbl. Hence, Durbl lunch boxes
are crafted from 100% platinum food-grade silicone, are BPA-free, and are void of five
toxins. Whether in the kitchen or for your well-being, they're poised to be your
companion. To underscore, every component of the Durbl lunch box is meticulously fashioned
from platinum silicone, leaving no room for plastic or adhesive joints.


If you are vexed by uneven food heating, our built-in steam hole function is here to banish
reheat and steam-cooking dilemmas. Indulge in your meals, relishing delicious and nutritious
food flavors to the fullest.


Does a messy kitchen stress you out? Fear not! Durbl's unique three-layer design keeps your space tidy and maximizes leisure space effectively. Plus, its portability ensures convenience during picnics or camping. And, if you're grappling with uneven food heating, the built-in steam hole function is a game-changer for seamless reheating and steam cooking—enabling you to savor every bite of your delightful and nutritious meals.

The Fold-Up Set

This container set seamlessly tucks away in the corner of your bag or drawer.
Utilize the Fold-Up Container Set to store snacks, yogurt, fruits, baby food, and more.
It might be the ultimate container—I firmly believe it can significantly impact your life.
Are you worried about your kids' backpacks struggling with fruit storage? Fret not! It's
compact, foldable, and ready to be your new companion—say goodbye to your plastic lunch box!

The Fold-Up Mega

Behold the heavyweight champion—the Fold-Up Mega Durbl Container, capable of handling hearty
portions and perfect for more oversized food items like pizza, cake, meals, and salads.
Bid farewell to the single-use blues of foil and plastic wrap and stock up on the Fold-Up
Mega instead. This container was designed with sous vide cooking in mind, offering a
healthier and exclusively reusable alternative to plastic vacuum-seal cooking containers.


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