Happy Earth Day! 13 life tips to make the Earth greener!

Article published at: Apr 8, 2024 Article author: Durbl -Mila Article tag: Sustainability
Happy Earth Day! 13 life tips to make the Earth greener!
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When Earth Day comes unexpectedly, we are reminded to be more compassionate towards our only home. Here are 13 simple and fun tips to make your life more environmentally friendly and enjoyable.

1. Reuse is not an indication of shampoo but a way of life
Try Durbl's reusable silicone bags! Not only can it reduce the use of plastic bags, but it can also make your refrigerator well-organized. Yes, you heard me right; they are both practical and beautiful!

2. Master of Turning Off Lights
Become the master of turning off lights at home. Not in the room? The light doesn't need to be on. This skill may make you a home energy-saving hero, and imagine that you are using ninja-like techniques to protect the Earth.

3. More SMS than a short distance
If the destination is close enough, you can send a text message to tell your friends that you have arrived, then walk or ride a bike to go. Not only can it exercise the body, but it can also reduce carbon emissions, achieving a win-win situation!

4. Digitization is not just about changes in relationship status
Try to choose electronic bills and bills as much as possible to reduce paper usage. The Earth will thank you, and you no longer have to worry about losing those important documents.

5. Become a 'water' secretary
Saving water is like a secret mission to protect the Earth. Simple things, such as repairing a leaking faucet or turning off the faucet while brushing teeth, can have a considerable impact.

6. Plant your air purifier
Indoor plants not only beautify your home but also help clean the air. Yes, they are cute air purifiers that are entirely natural.

7. Green Shopping Warrior
Take reusable shopping bags such as Durbl silicone bags to the supermarket. This is not only an environmental behavior but also a fashion statement.

8. Meatless Monday
Try to skip meat one day a week. This is not to make you a vegetarian, but reducing meat consumption can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

9. Sharing is caring
Share tools and supplies with neighbors or friends, such as lawnmowers or drills. This not only reduces resource consumption but also enhances friendship between neighbors.

10. Email also needs to be cleaned up
Regularly clean up your emails. Do you know? Even emails stored in the cloud consume energy. So, clean up old emails and make your digital life lighter.

11. Super fans of the second-hand market
Become a regular in the second-hand market. Not only can you find treasures, but you can also reduce the impact of consuming new products on the environment. And who likes to keep their unique discoveries intact?

12. Rebirth of resources
Learn how to recycle and compost properly. This can turn garbage into a resource, and making the trash can lose weight is also a pleasant thing.

13. Out of stock king
Installing water-saving devices and LED light bulbs at home helps the Earth and makes you jump with joy when the next water and electricity bill comes.

We can contribute to protecting the Earth through these simple and exciting ways. On World Earth Day, let us remind ourselves that preserving the Earth is a responsibility and a way to improve life.


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