How to store your makeup

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How to store your makeup
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Keeping your makeup collection organized and clutter-free can be challenging, especially if you don't need a dedicated vanity. Don't worry, we have eco-friendly storage ideas to help you organize your makeup space efficiently.

Our Durbl-approved solutions can help you keep your makeup drawer organized. It doesn't matter if you have a lot of products or just a few essentials. Discover our best tips and tricks for storing makeup palettes, lipstick samples, and more!

To start sorting and organizing your makeup, begin by assessing all the items that require organization. Remove all the contents from your makeup bag or drawer and place them on a towel to prevent spills or stains.
When your makeup storage is empty, clean it with a safe cleaner and let it dry. Then organize your products. Clean your brush holder. Wash your makeup brushes and sponges with warm water and baby shampoo or a special brush cleanser. Let them dry.

Organize your cosmetics on an old towel by categorizing them into separate piles according to their type, such as eye shadow, lip gloss, and foundation. Within each pile, arrange the products in order of frequency of use.

Take advantage of this opportunity to examine expiration dates and discard expired or damaged items, which can cause skin and eye irritation. Additionally, clean each product using soap and water or an all-purpose cleaner.

We're enthusiastic about reducing waste, so if you have any unopened items you don't plan on using, consider passing them along to a friend or family member who might appreciate them. While it's important to avoid sharing used makeup for hygiene, gently used nail polish, hairspray, and other hair care products can be safely shared with others.

Select Your Ideal Makeup Storage Solution

Once your makeup is clean and organized, it's time to decide how you want to store your products. Choose clear storage containers like stackable Durbl bags to easily see and rotate unused makeup products. Additionally, labels or dividers help keep your collection organized and tidy.

Keep Your Makeup Visible and Organized

If you usually keep your makeup on the bathroom counter, try using clear containers for easier access and organization. This will allow you to keep all your products organized and out of sight while still being able to see everything you need quickly.
Clear containers help you remember your makeup products, what needs to be used, and what needs to be repurchased. It's a great solution for keeping your makeup organized.

Our preferred approach involves utilizing transparent Durbl bags to sort makeup based on its category or how often it is used. This is how it is done: to group makeup by category, reexamine the product piles you previously created, and identify the appropriate size of Durbl bag for each group of products. For instance, you could opt for:

Organizing Your Cosmetics with Versatile Silicone Bags

Navigating the clutter of cosmetics can transform a daily beauty routine into an exasperating treasure hunt. However, with a strategic approach to the organization using versatile silicone pouches, your makeup collection can become a source of joy rather than frustration.
Here's a guide to mastering the art of cosmetic storage, ensuring your essentials are always at your fingertips.

Choose the Right Size bag for Each Product Category

The snack bag: Perfect for corralling small items like eyebrow pencils, lip liners, and travel-sized skincare.
The half-gallon bag: Ideal for more oversized items such as foundation, face creams, and setting sprays.
The sandwich bag: A go-to for eyeliners, mascaras, and compact blushes or highlighters.
The gallon bag: For your extensive eyeshadow palettes and contour kits.
When selecting your silicone bag colors, lean towards transparent options to effortlessly see the contents.

Cycle Through Less Frequently Used Items

For those with an extensive collection, it's common for some makeup to remain untouched, ultimately expiring. To prevent this, periodically rotate your items, bringing the seldom-used ones to the forefront of your collection. Place these in a transparent pouch next to your makeup mirror as a visual reminder to incorporate them into your routine.

Elevate Organization with Labels and Separators

When you introduce labels and dividers, organizing with silicone pouches becomes even more satisfying. Use eco-friendly markers to label each pouch by its contents. For drawer or bin storage, consider using eco-friendly dividers like bamboo to organize items by category or use frequency, avoiding the chaos of a cluttered space.

Embrace Stackable Solutions

Consider clear stackable containers for their space-saving virtues. Available with or without drawers, they consolidate your cosmetics in one place, exploiting vertical space.
This approach primarily benefits those with bulky items or who desire a more visible arrangement. Clear containers paired with labels and strategic product rotation ensure no item is forgotten.

Solutions for Small Spaces

Lacking a vanity or dealing with a compact bathroom challenges many. To overcome this, employ strategies like stacking bins, utilizing over-the-door storage, installing floating shelves, or crafting a DIY wall-mounted magnetic board for makeup storage.
These solutions reveal the untapped potential of vertical space, making organization seamless and stylish.

Using silicone bags and clear containers helps keep beauty products organized and easy to find. The clarity and order will streamline your routine and celebrate your collection in all its glory.

Are you inspired to organize your makeup collection with silicone bags? Share your setups and tag us on Instagram @thisisdurbl!

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