1 gallon. 5 uses. No waste.

Article published at: Nov 14, 2021 Article author: Tom Walsh
1 gallon. 5 uses. No waste.
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Introducing the durbl Gallon Bag.

The first ever standing, single-piece, dishwasher safe gallon sized silicone reusable bag on the market.

The durbl gallon bag is a game changer! Here are 5 creative and convenient ways that you can utilize your durbl Gallon Bag. 


Durbl reusable food storage gallon bag containing a piece of flank steak

  • Marinating Meat

    The durbl gallon bag is PERFECT for marinating all types of meat and fish. Simply add your meat or fish of choice to the durbl gallon bag, pour your marinade into the bag, seal your durbl and shake. Durbl stays sealed to lock in the flavor that you want. Place into the fridge until you are ready to cook.  

    Durbl Reusable Silicone food storage gallon bag containing a mixture of frozen fruit
  • Freezing Fruit

  • Use your durbl gallon bag to preserve fresh fruit in the freezer! Create a blend of blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries for a ready made smoothie base that you can grab and go. Store ripening bananas to use for later. You can even store cut lemons and limes for easy access to fresh garnishes to drinks. 

    Durbl reusable gallon bag containing travel items
  • Packing the essentials

  • Packing for a trip has never been easier with the durbl gallon bag. You can pack TSA approved items if you are flying or full sized products for your next road trip. The durbl gallon bag seals so that your products don't leak. Pack makeup, hair products, hair tools, brushes, or medications. 

    Durbl reusable gallon bag being held containing 3 High Noons and ice
  • Cooling Drinks

  • Our favorite and most unique way to use the durbl gallon bag is to fill the gallon bag with ice and use it to cool your favorite beverages. Bring your beverages in your beach bag, or backpack for a convenient cooler pack. 

    Durbl reusable gallon bag containing school supplies
  • Storing School/Office Supplies 

  • The durbl gallon bag makes the best pencil case. Store pens, pencils, post it notes, notebooks and other essentials in the durbl gallon bag for easy transportation back and forth to school or the office. The clear color allows for you to be able to easily find what you need and the gallon size allows you to fit everything you need. 


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