4 Zero-Waste Travel Alternatives

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4 Zero-Waste Travel Alternatives
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Indeed, it's true—Durbl bags and containers aren't limited to just meal preparation. Our reusable products are ideal companions for travel, offering ways to streamline packing, breeze through security with your essentials, and all while minimizing disposable waste. Whether you're embarking on a short getaway or a long-haul adventure, incorporating Durbl products can make your journey a tad more sustainable. Here are a few suggestions:

 Durable Phone & Electronics Protection

The Ultimate Travel Companion for Safeguarding Mobile Devices & Gadgets

Forget about using single-use plastic bags to store your phone and charging cables. Opt for a Durbl Sandwich Bag instead, providing a secure solution whether you're at the beach, pool, or any other travel destination! With its clear silicone design, your electronics remain visible and functional without compromising on protection. Plus, the convenient carabiner allows you to clip it securely onto your travel or beach bag for easy access.

Environmentally-Friendly Snack Packs

For your next trip, consider packing your favorite healthy snacks in Durbl Snack Bags or Durbl Fold-up Container-Mini. Whether it's a homemade trail mix or snacks from the bulk section of your local grocery store, these reusable containers are perfect for keeping hunger at bay. Once empty, simply keep them on hand for future use. Additionally, larger Durbl bags can even store leftovers from restaurants, reducing food waste while you're on the road.

Travel-Friendly Liquid Containers

Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with shampoo or lotion spills in your carry-on due to flimsy plastic bags. Durbl silicone reusables feature a leak-free seal and are transparent to meet TSA standards. Need a container for liquids? Consider the Quart, Half Gallon providing the perfect size for storing your travel essentials securely.

Dry Storage for Clothing

Avoid the inconvenience of packing wet clothing in your luggage by using Durbl Half Gallon or Gallon Bag. Whether it's a wet swimsuit, washcloth, or towel, these reusable bags ensure your belongings stay dry and your suitcase remains odor-free. You can even use them to pack an extra pair of dry, clean clothes for added convenience during your travels.

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