7 Reasons Pets Like Durbl Bags

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7 Reasons Pets Like Durbl Bags
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Although May is known as National Pet Month, for us, every month or even every day is an excellent opportunity to express love to pets. (Moreover, we treat our planet with an Earth Day mindset daily.) We often hear from members of Durbl how they rely on these convenient storage bags and containers to take care of their pets.

In recognition of our pet team members, we conducted a series of essential and formal interviews to gain a deeper understanding of why they prefer Durbl and what they would like to see in their ideal pet products.

1. Durbl is always filled with deliciousness
Whether at home or outside, selected foods and snacks can be safely stored in Durbl's storage bag. Its anti-overflow and leak design can prevent curious small animals from coming into contact with food while ensuring the convenience of the owner's dining and enjoying snacks.

Storage bag for storing pet snacks

2. I like to use Durbl's new sets to pack takeout food during adventures or travels
When traveling with pets, put their food into a vertical storage bag (the longer the journey, the larger the storage bag) so that you can travel with peace of mind because its anti-overflow and leakproof design ensures food safety.

When dining, take out the desired food and put it into a Durbl silicone bag. After the trip, you can use the dishwasher or hand wash to store souvenirs purchased.

3. The feeling of drinking the first sip of water in a Durbl gallon bag is unparalleled
Adventure-loving friends, pay attention! Like us, our quadruped friends also love outdoor activities, and it is essential to ensure that they can replenish their hydration while outdoors. We carry a 3000ml Durbl gallon bag as a portable water storage device.

The Durbl gallon bag has good sealing properties and can be filled with water in advance or filled with its water bottle or dispenser when needed. (A sticky kiss that may lead to happiness.)

4. Thanks to Durbl, there is always fresh homemade food available
Whether it's making pets sit down or stay, or they look adorable - reward your beloved pet with fresh homemade dog or cat snacks and keep them fresh in the refrigerator.

Label the Durbl silicone bag clearly so you don't accidentally take it as your snack!

5. My food stays fresh during meals - this is the most anticipated moment of my day
Do you have picky pets or need to deal with their allergies? Try some homemade pet food recipes that can be frozen for three months and thawed when needed.

Batch production is an excellent way to control food ingredients while saving time. Frozen food can be stored in Durbl's large capacity gallon bags for retrieval or divided into small portions and stored in small bags or silicone containers.

6. Thanks to Durbl, my storage space has always been well-organized (and looks great)
The Durbl silicone bag is the ultimate solution for storing pet accessories. Think about it: the belt, collar, and seat belt (we recommend a gallon bag) can be neatly placed in a vertical giant bag;

A small towel can be placed in a quart bag. You can use non-toxic chalk to label your Durbl silicone bag if you need more organization.

7. Durbl helps protect our beautiful planet, especially those pet-friendly parks and beaches
Although Durbl's bags are perfect for storage and a godsend storage solution, our core mission is to reduce the amount of disposable plastic used in daily life and ensure that disposable packaging is kept away from our landfills, oceans, and parks.

Therefore, transitioning from disposable plastic to reusable Durbl products helps protect our planet and ensure its beauty continues for you and your furry friends to enjoy.

Important reminder: Keep Durbl silicone bags (especially those used to hold food or toys) out of reach of pets to prevent them from being damaged by sharp teeth or claws. (I believe this is a painful lesson that everyone has summarized)


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