How to freeze bake food with Durbl bags

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How to freeze bake food with Durbl bags
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Fresh-baked treats are always a joy, yet they don't stay fresh for long. If you find yourself with too many baked goods after a baking session, freezing is a great way to keep them fresh for months. The method varies depending on the item. Silicone, durable and chemical-free, is ideal for storing these goodies. We'll show you how to use reusable silicone bags and containers to freeze baked goods well and tell you which ones freeze best.

Preparation Before Freezing

Essential steps before freezing baked goods include:

  • Cool Completely: Ensure baked items are at room temperature to prevent moisture build-up in the container.
  • Portion: For larger baked goods like cakes or bread, slicing them into smaller pieces facilitates easier defrosting.
  • Wrap: Use cling film or parchment paper to wrap the goods, then place them in silicone bags. This helps retain freshness and flavor.

How to Freeze Sandwich Bread and Burger Buns

Soft breads like sliced bread, burger buns, and hot dog buns last longer than hard breads. But they can still get moldy or stale. The good news is that they freeze well in gallon bagsJust make sure the bag is closed tight. For extra safety, put bakings in reusable freezer bags and keep them for up to 3 months. To thaw, leave them out on the kitchen counter.

How to Freeze Muffins and Scones

Freeze single-serving baked goods like muffins and scones using the same method as for bagels. Wrap them individually in cling film or place them in reusable sandwich bagsGroup the wrapped items in a larger freezer bag for storage and freeze for up to 2 months. To reheat frozen muffins and scones, put them straight into the oven or toaster at 300℃ to 325℃ Fahrenheit. You don't need to thaw them first.

How to Freeze Bread

Wrap whole loaves (like farmer's bread or yeast bread) in cling film twice, then seal them in a large freezer bag. If you plan to use the bread for sandwiches or toast, slice it beforehand. This way, you can take out only what you need; the rest can be stored for up to 3 months. Thaw at room temperature to allow it to reabsorb the condensate formed in a Silicone bag.

How to Freeze Bagels

Fresh bagels are wonderful, but buying them in bulk is cost-effective. To maintain their freshness, slice the bagels in half before freezing. Wrap them tightly in cling film or store them in reusable sandwich bags, removing as much air as possible before sealing.

Defrosting Method

To defrost, move the silicone bags or containers from the freezer to the fridge. It usually takes a few hours to overnight to thaw slowly. Some items, like cakes or bread, can also be defrosted at room temperature for a few hours. Avoid defrosting in the microwave, as it may affect the texture and taste of the food.

Using silicone bags and containers to freezer baked goods is both a convenient and eco-friendly method. It not only helps reduce food waste but also ensures you can enjoy freshly baked delights at any time. Using the right methods, you can keep most baked items fresh for a long time.


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